Thursday, May 19, 2011


We have had a series of exciting events over the last two days. Yesterday, we had a minor, or may be major, hiccup with the toilet. In a nutshell, instead of flushing it was more like a fountain shooting "water" over its rim. After a series of unsuccessful and somewhat messy plungers attempts, three different types of plungers to be exact, we were able to control the fountain in a less messy way. Another trip to town and a bottle of "draino" did the trick. At the moment the fountain seems to be under control. Today, we began the afternoon with a close encounter between the tire of our van and my backpack. The result of the collision, a crushed METAL water bottle and an extremely uncomfortable backpack frame -- it looks like backpack frames are not as hardy as a pelican cases! To finish the day, it is clear that operating fancy electronic gadgets is not one of my strengths. I expressed to the youngest member of the team my frustration with trying to delete a picture from her camera. And after receiving a 'give me a break' type of exclamation, I was reminded "you ONLY need to push the button with the symbo of the trashcan to delete a picture."

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