Friday, May 20, 2011

Land Bridge

Over the last few years we have wondered if lizards can move between Y5 (one of our experimental islands) and a relatively small island located a few meters away. Usually, these islands are divided by a channel of approximately 2.75 meters wide and 1 meter deep. However, during periods of extremely low tide -- we are currently in one of those periods (see picture) -- a couple of land bridges are formed between the two cays.

Today, I got the answer to our question. I was conducting behavioral observations on Y5 and decided to take a quick look around the adjacent small island. To my surprise a curly was happily perching in the middle of the island. The curly had Tom's signature. In other words, it was marked by him last week as part of his population census which he only does on Y5. Thus, the matter seems to be settled, lizards are able to move between the two islands during periods of extremely low tide. For some of my colleagues this is another example of "The Principle of Unsympathetic Magic"

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