Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ten Animals that Are Smarter Than You Think

Evermanni is back in the spotlight.  The Daily Planet, a science TV magazine that airs on the Canadian Discovery Channel, has joined the growing group of anole fans. This week a video clip of A. evermanni was included as part of a segment "Ten Animals that Are Smarter Than You Think." Evemanni was number nine on the list, a questionable ranking. However, the group included some of the who is who in cognition research, including: chimps, kea parrots, honeybees --the model system of Karl von Frisch, one of only a handful of ethologist who has received a Nobel Prize -- and B. F. Skinner's favorite experimental animal, pigeons. Kudos to Maria Campano for a wonderful job filming. More information on the cognition of A. evermanni, including a link to the original paper, can be found at this post.   

This is also a good opportunity to share our improved "Chipojo Cognition Center" which keeps expanding at a steady pace. If you have any suggestions of an acronym for our room, please let us know.
Chipojo Cognition Center 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Featured Photo

Our picture of Anolis cristatellus has made its way to the slide show of featured photo for the issue at the American Naturalist website.