Sunday, May 22, 2011

Run Lizard Run II

As El Jefe posted below, I’m in Puerto Rico studying the thermal physiology of anoles. While Jefe, Dave and company are boating around the Bahamas and drinking Kalik at the beach house, I’m spending my days hunkered under a 60 watt light bulb in a windowless basement at the Mata de Plátano field station. It’s dark, moldy, and smells funny, but actually, I’m very happy to be there. It happens to be a great place to film lizards sprinting on a racetrack. And when I’m not in the basement, I have a great view of the lush Puerto Rican “karst” forest! Right now I’m working with the “grass-bush” species of anoles, but in three days I travel to Mona Island to collect the infrequently studied Anolis monensis, a “trunk-ground” anole. Mona is called the “Galapagos of the Caribbean”, so I’m looking forward to seeing it!

1 comment:

  1. I have to say, "the dungeon" looks pretty impressive. Also, CERO, NADA, ZIP, ZINCH, NI UNA GOTA of Kalik drinking on this team. We are all hard at work.