Sunday, May 4, 2014

Few Lizards and Bad Weather

Today was our first day out in the cays and our observations are mixed. Some cays appear to have extremely low population densities of anoles, and on a few others there is a high probability that A. sagrei populations are locally extinct. There is clear evidence that the surge from Hurricane Sandy, on some of our cays, was over one meter high, which is nearly as high as the tallest vegetation on some islands.
Note seaweeds nearly in the top of vegetation

However, it should be noted that the weather today was not the best for lizard catching: it was relatively windy and cloudy and included a heavy downpour. Because of the rain, tomorrow should be a great day for lizard activity, so we are holding out hope that our islands might be in better shape than today’s observations suggest. 
Dave and Jonathan having fun in the rain

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