Friday, May 30, 2014

Andale Andale Arriba Arriba

If you are my age, the saying "Andale Andale, Arriba Arriba" should immediately conjure memories of Speedy Gonzales and his ability to do everything REALLY fast.

Andale Andale Arriba Arriba 
It turns out that Speedy is not only a cartoon creation -- Dave is trying to emulate "Speedy" by flying to Puerto Rico last Wednesday, checking into Parador El Combate, and then instantly turning the room into his private laboratory.
Dave's set-up at Parador El Combate
As of today, he has already collected all the lizards he needs (30 male A. cristatellus) and completed half of his experiment, which involves measuring the visual grasp reflex of males to seven different stimuli. He will be back in Durham on Sunday, data in hand. As Speedy likes to say, "Andale Andale, Arriba Arriba." 

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