Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Chipojo Coop"

Today was the first day of our attempts to encourage A. cristatellus females to lay eggs here at the Leal lab. Following information that posted at Anole Annals and through advice graciously given by Liam J. Revell, Thomas Sanger, and Yoel Stuart we decided on clear, plastic containers filled with damp vermiculite along with fake “sea grass” purchased at Petsmart. Vermiculite, which retains water relatively well, was dampened in order to prevent dessication of the eggs. Fake plants were recommended to us in order to endure frequent egg checks, which natural, potted plants may not live through. We used two sizes of containers (Ziploc-brand), as well as various ratios of water to vermiculite (mostly 1 gram of vermiculite to 1 milliliter of water). The larger containers fit about 40.0g of vermiculite, while the smaller containers fit about 20.0g. Each container housed four “pieces” of the imitation sea grass. Within an hour after introduction of the containers to the cages, several females had already made themselves at home.


Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for updates! 

NO need to wait until tomorrow for an update!!!!

Maria just found our first egg.  It took less than 24 hrs for a female to feel comfortable with the "Chipojo Coop" Clearly Maria has the touch, and we are lucky to have her spearheading this project.

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