Sunday, May 20, 2012


Greetings from Puerto Rico. Alex & I are hard at work conducting “lab” experiments inside the field station, but we have also had the fortune (and need) to spend some time outdoors. We’ve seen most of the species on the island so far, including the beautiful Anolis cuvieri. Below, you can find a photograph of a pair that was copulating during our dinner a few nights ago. It may be difficult to tell from the picture, but both animals are in pretty bad shape – fresh wounds and scar tissue. In fact, most of the individuals of this species that we’ve encountered look worse for the wear, with multiple injuries, bite marks, and scarring. In my personal opinion, they should take it easy and start trying to enjoy their lives.

And stay tuned for updates regarding the aforementioned experiments! They are moving along & I will post more about them in the coming days ...


  1. No kidding, pretty ragged they look!! But what a brilliant green...thanks for posting! -elise.

  2. Looks to me like they are enjoying themselves.

  3. Your Uncle Dan wants you to identify some good restaurants in Old San Juan minus the copulating anoles at the next table (although they wouldn't bother me).

    the other Holly