Friday, May 4, 2012

Firing on all cylinders

Today was another busy day at Snake Creek.  Jason and I visited two more islands, Buddy and Y5, and re-visited, 6, 5, 1, and X3. First, the good news: the density of anoles on Buddy is comparable to last year. The same is true for 5 and X3, and possibly 6. The density of 1 is in the low side; we found only eight anoles and three curlies. The news for Y5 are not as positive, after a lot of searching we only found two anoles (one male and one female). I am hopeful that the population size is larger than two, but I would be highly impressed if the population size is bigger than 15.
Dave hard at work preparing sticky traps that are used to census insect density and diversity at our study sites.
Tom with his paint-gun ready to census anoles at N3, which is one of the islands from the founder experiment.


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