Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Puerto Rico--La Isla de Aventura!

Fieldwork is an adventure, made all the wilder when it takes place in Puerto Rico.

Today was to be our first day observing the behavior and ecology of female Anolis gundlachi lizards. In order to record their natural behavior, we need to be far enough away from the lizards so as not to disturb their activity. This requires a comfortable rock, a heavy dose of patience, and a good pair of binoculars. So, we set off early this morning this morning to start our behavioral observations of female A. gundlachi.

Well, I should say “tratamos probar” (we tried to try). After a few failed attempts to follow individuals, we discovered that some of the binoculars I brought for us to use were no good. So, off to town Deborah, Karen and I went in search of superior binoculars.

As it turns out, the road to finding binoculars on short notice in Puerto Rico is fraught with obstacles. First, few stores in Puerto Rico carry binoculars, apparently. Second, potholes are no fun. We got a flat tire in Carolina. Resourceful Deborah got to changing it only to discover that our spare was also flat!   


But, have no fear—we are a hardy team! Five hours later, we have returned to El Verde Field Station with a repaired tire and three brand spanking new pairs of binoculars. Tomorrow is another day, and maybe this time we can actually see the lizards! Vamanos!

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