Saturday, June 8, 2013

What are they eating? (via MANUEL LEAL)

Although we have visited our field sites in the Bahamas and Jamaica, the Chipojo Blog has been relatively quiet. I am currently in Puerto Rico and took the following picture yesterday, while working up in the canopy tower at El Verde. This is relatively common foraging behavior exhibited by A. stratulus. However, I have no idea what they are eating. Through my observations, I am convinced that they are not randomly "cleaning" everything off the leaves (i.e., once the individual is done, that area of the leaf appears cleaner than areas surrounding it). Instead, an individual will slowly walk over the leaf until it finds what he/she seems to be searching for before beginning to exhibit the behavior. Also, the lizards are not drinking water. There is no water on the surface of the leaves, and water-drinking is a very different behavior.

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