Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ten Animals that Are Smarter Than You Think

Evermanni is back in the spotlight.  The Daily Planet, a science TV magazine that airs on the Canadian Discovery Channel, has joined the growing group of anole fans. This week a video clip of A. evermanni was included as part of a segment "Ten Animals that Are Smarter Than You Think." Evemanni was number nine on the list, a questionable ranking. However, the group included some of the who is who in cognition research, including: chimps, kea parrots, honeybees --the model system of Karl von Frisch, one of only a handful of ethologist who has received a Nobel Prize -- and B. F. Skinner's favorite experimental animal, pigeons. Kudos to Maria Campano for a wonderful job filming. More information on the cognition of A. evermanni, including a link to the original paper, can be found at this post.   

This is also a good opportunity to share our improved "Chipojo Cognition Center" which keeps expanding at a steady pace. If you have any suggestions of an acronym for our room, please let us know.
Chipojo Cognition Center 

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  1. I like Chipojo Cognition Center! We'll have to make an awesome sign for the door.