Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Seconds of Fame

Anoles are a well known model system for studying evolution, which is why anoles are commonly found in textbooks to illustrate a diversity of evolutionary processes. I am happy to say, that finally, they got their TWO SECONDS of fame as a system for studying animal behavior. Below is a short clip from the well known Canadian TV Documentary Series "The Nature of Things" in which anoles were presented shoulder-to-shoulder with the most common key players of this type of TV documentary. All I have to say, chimps and/or crows beware, a lizard might be taking your spot soon.

Below are a few pictures documenting the behind-the-scenes action that took place during the filming of the lizards by CBC. This was my first experience dealing with television cameras, and believe me when I say it was a long day. The crew was great, but talking to a gigantic camera that is pointing right at your face was a nerve-racking experience. It was amazing how much equipment was brought in and how much filming occurred at our lab in order to produce the few minutes of final product that are shown in the documentary.
CUT!!!!!! Manuel, can you please walk more slowly and open the cage really slow
CUT!!! Manuel, can you please explain what you did again, this time try not to mix Spanish and English


  1. The second photo is just excellent, in part because Brian seems to be in-frame & curious, but inconspicuously so!

    Thanks for sharing all these, -e