Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pantyhose Pouches

The weather (wind & rain) failed us again, so we occupied ourselves by preparing for another small project. We will be measuring more daily temperatures throughout the year on the cays using penny-sized temperature recorders (or iButtons). To attach them to vegetation & rocks, Manuel decided that we should place them in pantyhose pouches that are breathable and will not influence temperature. This meant that we had to a.) purchase pantyhose, and b.) wrap ~50 iButtons in said pantyhose. Both tasks proved difficult. We had to search 4 stores, including one shop that specializes in "undergarments and 'butt boosters'," before locating the necessary materials. Despite the pain of driving around town, I must say that it was a pleasure to watch Manuel attempt to explain to each and every (disturbed) clerk why a grown man so desperately needed pantyhose in the Bahamas. And then we spent an indeterminate amount of time wrapping our iButtons, which is much trickier than one would imagine. Hopefully the pouches work ...

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