Monday, June 22, 2009


Today was our last day at Snake Cay.  In a nutshell, Team Chipojo had a great time and a productive field season.  A preliminary glance at the data set demonstrates, that in a relatively short period of time, the behavior of A. sagrei has changed dramatically in response to the presence of curly tails.  Some of the most striking changes include; shift in habitat use, foraging behavior and perch selection.  On a lighter note, Barbarita left today, she is looking forward to her next stop, a few weeks doing more behavioral research with anoles in Puerto Rico.  I will venture to say, that she has finally seen the light, and I am looking forward to follow her development as a Behavioral Ecologist.  Last but not least, El Chivo is beginning graduate school on August 2009, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!  I can say without hesitation, that I would not like to be the field assistant trying to fill his shoes next year.  Those are some VERY BIG shoes. 

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