Monday, June 11, 2018

Island Experiment on A. sagrei in Florida

Greetings from the southeast coast of Florida! My name is Stephanie, and I am working as a research assistant here with Levi and another assistant Leslie.  We have been working in Florida for about a month now and will soon start running our experiment once preparation has been completed.  For this experiment, Levi is testing learning in the brown anole, an invasive species here in Florida.  Since we are using man-made islands as experimental habitats, we have the capability to transport lizards to these areas and track their evolution. The goal for this project is to establish a database of brown anoles we put onto these islands as well as keep track of generations to come.

As of now, we have identified lizards and transported them to the islands.  We are in the process of surveying the habitats to check up on the lizards and make sure they are behaving normally and not being taken by predators.  We look forward to the commencement of this experiment and will give further updates as the project progresses.  Check back for more on the adventures of team El Lagartijo!

What a catch this little lady is! This is a female brown anole with a brightly colored dewlap and a red tinted snout

Leslie, Levi, and myself pictured as the subtropical storm Alberto passes over us

       Levi demonstrating his expert boating skills as El Lagartijo (our boat) glides across the Indian River Lagoon

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